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The week has been ok so far, I think. Last week sucked, but that's over now. I'm still making sure that the paperwork is in order, but I have time for that. Simon is standing better now- it took him a while to get the hang of it, but he is doing better and he loves it.

The money situation is getting worse. I find it immensely irritating to hear people who don't realize how good they have it financially to whine about money, i.e. people who don't have children to feed whining about Wanting a Break, yet they somehow have money to see movies and go for coffee all the time. Lots of people are like that. Hell, when I first got out of college I was like that, and we were pulling a lot more money in back then than we are now. My own parents were like that, too. My dad pulled in a six-figure salary and would still whine about money, yet would find the money for luxuries like eating at restaurants and renting movies now and then (and a lot more, on a salary like that). People whine about how hard life is when money is tight, yet still find money for luxuries (and angrily defend their spending habits when called out on their faulty logic). My father-in-law, too: he never misses a chance to whine about money, yet he goes to Yankees games all the time and just bought a new car.

I bitch a lot lately. I guess I'm just a lot more sensitive to people whining about money when they really shouldn't. Sure, it's how they really feel, but feelings aren't always valid (going to have to hand in my Sisterhood Membership Card for that one- women everywhere will have my head for that!).
I see a lot of people whining about the most trivial things in their marriages, e.g. their spouse likes to vent about their problems a lot (e.g. why don't they just fix it?@?!?!?!1/?!1), their spouse doesn't do household chores the same way they do them, their spouse doesn't shower them with crappy romantic gifts on Hallmark days, how dare their spouse want to plop down and watch tv when they get home after a long day of work, etc.

I have to wonder how much those people would be thinking about those relatively small things if they came home and their spouse wasn't there anymore, and never came back again.
I was debating whether or not I would want to see The Hunger Games if Joe and I could manage to get away for a bit. Since the movie and book totally aren't copying Battle Royale (and the book of the same name), I'd probably rather not see it. The author of The Hunger Games claims that she had never heard of Battle Royale until after her book was published. I seriously doubt it- if she has ever seen a single Tarantino movie, she had to have heard of Battle Royale- there are tons of references to Battle Royale in most of Tarantino's movies. I know this, and I'm not exactly a devout Tarantino fan.

Plus, The Hunger Games is PG-13. Battle Royale was never distributed in North America, but many have said that if it had been, it would have been "a hard R." These storylines are nothing without the extremely graphic violence- it's intrinsic to the story. in both stories, kids are pitted against each other in a battle to the death. It's supposed to be disturbing.
I wish the classism in most ttc communities didn't bother me as much as it did. It's a punch to the gut every time, knowing how so many people turn their little noses up at people like me (but it's ok- they don't do it to our faces,and it's all just feeeeeeeeeelings!!!) just because they have a certain idea of how having children "should be done," and we didn't do it that way. I wish them well in their ttc journeys, but I really hope that if and when they do have children, their prejudices towards people of lower income/people in less typical family arrangements aren't passed on to their children.

My mother used to be like that- only she would actually go up to people in public and tell them she disapproved of their lifestyle.* Of course, my mother was a total nutjob and is no longer in my life. Still, what I hear from women who don't like when poorer people have kids, is largely the same sort of thing. They have similar sentiments to my mother, they just keep it to themselves. If this is how they feel, why not proclaim it to the world- in public, not behind the anonymity of the internet...

*I remember one time when I was about 10 or 11. We were out getting groceries or something like that, and she saw a woman with a girl who looked a little younger than me. My mom looked right at the woman and sneered in her face...because she had a single tattoo on her arm and was shopping at a dollar store.
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I was looking forward to watching the Spurs vs. Bolton FA Cup soccer game yesterday (I am a Spurs fan). Most of the way through the first half, and the match was pretty boring. The teams were tied, and there wasn't a whole lot of action from either side, and any action there was amounted to nothing. It was sort of boring, so I lost concentration and started playing with Simon. I looked back on the tv and noticed that the whole stadium was completely silent- no one, not even the spectators, was talking. Halftime hadn't even been called yet, and the announcers were starting to buzz with word that the referee was going to declare the match abandoned.*

Apparently one of the Bolton players just keeled over and collapsed face-first on the ground. He wasn't anywhere near the ball or any other players. Medics couldn't revive him, and he wasn't breathing when they carted him out of the stadium. There were tons of conflicting stories being banded about for a while, but the official word was that Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack. He's now in an intensive care unit in critical condition, and he may or may not make it.

It was so weird seeing an entire crowd of English soccer fans absolutely silent- it isn't a real soccer match without a few punches being thrown. As usual, various morons accused Muamba of taking illegal drugs (he was clean), and someone vandalized his Wikipedia page to say that he was dead (this has since been changed). I don't know why I'm so affected by this- I had little idea who he was (never really followed Bolton). Maybe it's the fact that he's only 23. Maybe it's the fact that so many major figures in the soccer world are coming together to offer support and to wish him well, when these people often can't have a remotely civilized conversation under normal circumstances. Either way, everyone is hoping he progresses well.

*Anyone who knows anything knows that the English love their soccer, so for a match to be abandoned, it's a massive deal.
Ugh, seriously, I need to stop torturing myself by reading the clucky community. Too many entitlement bitches who just want everyone to validate their sacrosanct feelings. None of what I've done when it comes to children is by the rules, and it hurts to hear bitches like what look down their noses at us who didn't do things the way they want everyone to. Maybe they just need a space to vent, but seriously- not all feelings are 'right,' and some are downright toxic.
If I have to hear one more of those clucky types whine about how they 'deserve' a baby because they're 'doing things the right way', I'm going to have to smack them. It's annoying listening to their incredibly classist sense of entitlement.
I listened to a small portion of Joel Osteen's sermon motivational speech yesterday morning. I'm interested in what his appeal is to so many people, but I can't really know that without knowing each person's individual circumstances. I wonder, though, if his prosperity-driven approach allows people to feel more justified in living prosperity-driven lives while still identifying as Christians. I can't know for sure. He did say that "you can't bankrupt God by asking for something big." He also told people to "expect big things from God." You can take that two ways. Either he is telling people that "all things are possible with God," or he is telling them that they should feel free to demand that God increase their own fortunes. Given his general approach, I'm more inclined to believe the latter.

I do have to give him credit for one thing, though. He is probably the only well-known evangelist who has openly admitted that the modern church puts far too much emphasis on homosexuality.