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spiritosa's Journal

professional libertarian poker
1 June 1983
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-25 years old

-happily married to captaingroovy since June 24, 2008

-Despises militant antitheism. If you don't believe in a deity, fine- but openly bragging that you mock people who DO believe in God is is childish and unproductive. Seriously- if that's what you do, stop doing it, grow up, apologize and move on with your life. yeah, yeah, I know there is childishness on all sides, but I'm just talking about this for now.

-I'm a gamer. I can't afford games with a monthly fee anymore, so the only thing I play is Guild Wars since there's no monthly fee.

-I like Trailer Park Boys and Corner Gas, but hate most other Canadian tv shows.

-currently living in New Jersey and HATING it.

-I will probably never make up for being an arsehole in my past, but I'm trying my best now.

-I can't cook to save my life.

-My guilty pleasure is Dancing With the Stars. I can't even watch it since we don't have TV- I just follow it online.